01. Erotic Lingam Massage

02. Sacred Body Rub

03. African Hot Oil Massage

  1. 01. Erotic Lingam Massage

    Erotic Lingam Massage


    Erotic, firm hand strokes are used to tease and tantalize the male structure into reaching climax. Other parts of the body also connected to the Lingam are massaged to heighten pleasure. The perfect option for men whose sole objective is to enjoy slowing reaching completion.

    100 - 30 minutes

  2. 02. Sacred Body Rub


    Sacred Body Rub

    The most intimate of offerings, done fully nude with a light covering between private parts. Your full body is deeply massaged with hot oil in the African style before the focus switches to the lingam. Your intimate parts are then teased and tantalized on three fronts, first by hand with firm strokes, then my intimate parts touching yours and finally by mouth for a roaring finish.

    200 - 90 minutes

  3. 03. African Hot Oil Massage

    African Hot Oil Massage


    Take a trip to the Dark Side, indulge yourself in this decadent, highly erotic bodyrub. Done fully nude, this massage incorporates traditional Swedish techniques with a tribal African spin. Ends with a spectacular lingam hand massage.

    150 - 1 hour

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